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  • What is Woof Week Rio?
    WOOF WEEK RIO is a week long event held in Rio de Janeiro for gay Bears, Beefys, Daddies, Wolves, their admirers and everyone in between. This event is the only one of it’s kind in South America and is hosted in Rio de Janeiro, the city UNESCO lists as the most beautiful city in the world! The week is full of social events, shows, relaxation, tours, parties, and everything you need for a week of friends and fun!
  • Where in the city is the event held?
    The areas of the city where the majority of the events are held are the neighbourhoods of Ipanema and Copacabana, two of the safest and most beautiful areas of the city!
  • Is Rio a tipping society?
    Generally, no tip is required for goods and service but as usual it is up to you to decide based on the level of services you receive, but in most cases it is not expected.  There are places where a tip may be added to the total and it is normally 10%.
  • Do I book my hotel with you?
    We do not directly make your reservations for accommodations. Click the link on our website to access special hotel discounts
  • In the schedule there are a lot of events, what if I’m late for a start time?
    Unfortunately if you are late for a start time, depending on the event, you may not be able to participate in the event or you will need to arrange an uber to taxi to get you caught up to the group. This will depend on the event of course. If you miss the shuttle bus to an event you can likely just arrange transportation to the event. The boat cruise around the bay will require you to be on time. We know accidents happen but please try to be on time for the enjoyment of all those involved. I want to see Christ the redeemer and Sugar Loaf! When you come to Rio there are sites you do not want to miss! They are wonders of the world and we are here to make sure you see them. Tours include not only Christ The Redeemer and Sugar Loaf but many of the amazing sights Rio has to offer as well as hikes and other tours you don’t want to miss. Check out the Tour page for all the information. Most of the tours have a discounted price for ticket holders but anyone can join by purchasing a pass. This is the best way to see Rio with your old friends and new!!!
  • What is the exchange rate and how do I get money?
    Banks and ATMs are widely available and offer international service. Don’t worry about ATMs like in many other countries, Brazil offers very safe banking. Check out the currency exchange rates on the website under the Travel tab to see your current exchange rate.
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