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WOOF WEEK RIO includes:

Club parties, pool party, booze cruise, dinners, city tours, cultural events, prime spot on Ipanema beach

and much, much more.

Rio de Janeiro, March 3rd - 10th, 2024

Sunday, 3rd

Welcome Party

Monday, 4th

Woofing on the Beach

Hungry like the wolves

Tuesday, 5th

Woofing on the Beach

Rio Tour

LGBT art fair opening event

Wednesday, 6th

Twist Beach Day

LGBT art fair

The Grand Ball - entertainment night

Thursday, 7th

BARKo! - booze cruise

LGBT art fair

Grizzly - night party

Friday, 8th

Woofing on the beach

LGBT art fair

Spa day

Bear Night Party

Saturday, 9th

Woofing on the beach

Woof - main party

Sunday, 1oth

Tsunami - pool party

The events of WOOF WEEK are subject to change without notice.

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