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SCHEDULE (March, 3rd - 10th)

Sunday, 3rd 

Welcome Party - Let's get started right! Join the pack for the first event of the week. A cocktail party surrounded by pools and gardens listening to live music to the Brazilian beat to make you forget everything else except the week to come. Meet the friends old and new that you'll share the week experiences with! Welcome to Rio... Bitches!

Monday, 4th 

Beach Day - Come and get used to one of the top beaches in the world and join us on Ipanema beach at Ooh La La, our official Barraca (beach bar).  Here pass holders will have access to the Woof Week Den where they will be entitled to a free chair and umbrellas as well as free beach massages!  Fresh fruit caipirinhas, beautiful men, sun, surf, and massage... This is RIO!!!

Hungry like the Wolves - After a fun day at the beach, there's nothing like an authentic Brazilian BBQ (Churrasco). Join the pack as we feast on all kinds of meats and dishes served in the traditional Brazilian style. After all, no trip is complete without a delicious local gastronomic experience.

Bearbecue (2).jpeg

Tuesday, 5th 

Rio Tour - We have created special tours of the city and it's major attractions for our visitors. Come and see the iconic Christ The Redeemer, Sugar Loaf and Lapa in a bus full of queens to fully know the city!

Spa Day - After visiting the attractions of Rio, it is time to relax and meet your fellow members from the Bear Community. Pass holders have special disccount on the regular entry fee. 

Wednesday, 6th

Twister day - Join us on the beach again because Rio is about the incredible beach. Today though we make it much more fun with a giant game of Twister!!! Come play for prizes and roll around with sun worshipping men and the oil that goes with it!!! Great prizes and fun for all.


Grand Ball - A night of amazing entertainment for all of Rio's gay community! Join us for music, laughs, dance, drinks and everything needed to have a ball as a Grand Ball!!!  Sign up for the emails to stay updated on the latest editions to the Grand Ball!

Thursday, 7th 

GRIZZLY brings Thursday night to life at club TAU!!!! Come dance the night away with the Woof Pack at one of Rio's premier gay clubs in Copacabana!

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-03 at 19.37.11.jpeg

The events of WOOF WEEK are subject to change without notice.

Friday, 8th 

Woofing on the beach - Sextou!  It's Friday in Rio!  Join us on the beach at The Den and kick back and enjoy the sun, play some Twister, Pass Holders can grab a massage and get ready for the Weekend! 

Woof Party - With over 1000 men at last years WOOF Party this year's Friday event will be bigger and better! Stay tuned for major announcements coming soon and get ready for a night you'll never forget!

Saturday, 9th 

Tsunami returns!  Splash around in the pool grooving away the afternoon with The Pack!  

The party was SOLD OUT last year so make sure and get your passes early!!!

Sunday, 10th 

BARKo! The famous booze cruise around the bay of Rio! Come join the men as we spend a few hours enjoying the Drinks, Food, and Music to make a perfect afternoon on the water.  Just bring your sungas and the rest is provided.

Woof Week Rio events can change without notice

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